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Below and throughout the following pages you may visit you'll be able to find out more about Conrad, his drive to get more kids engaged with engineering through ZAPA and his ambition to sail single-handed and solo around the world in the Vendée Globe. 

As this is an ongoing story, there will be more and more content being added. Things like the background on how I got here and where I'm going as well as some resources that will hopefully help you. This could be whether you're a sailor searching for sponsors, a family looking to get into engineering, someone looking to make a difference to others or just an escape into someone else's shoes! 

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Conrad Manning Racing

Conrad Manning Racing has two sides to it, the first is getting young students into engineering as I firmly believe that more can be done (on-top of the awesome activities already being done) to engage them and inspire them to come into the industry, scroll down to find out more.

The second side is my ambition to sail non-stop and solo around the world. I sat round the dining room table aged 14 after listening to Dame Ellen MacArthur speak about her record-breaking attempt and declared that was what I wanted to do. Since then I've been making my way steadily towards that goal both on the water and in the boardroom searching for sponsors. You can find more about me here and the project here.

ZAPA – Getting Kids into Engineering

Having decided at aged 14 that I was going to be a Naval Architect it was pretty easy for me to make the hard choices you have thrust upon you as a kid... Those pesky GCSE and A-Levels you take! Although it isn't the end of the world as you're never too old to become an engineer it certainly helps knowing about the opportunities it can bring.

ZAPA is my way of using the technology that sailing has in abundance to engage with the future engineers to help close the growing skills gap in the industry. Although in the early stages, it's incredible to see the transformation in kids and adults when you open their eyes to the broad world of engineering and that there is something for them out there.

Do get in touch if I can help you with your STEM workshops/inspirational talks/school projects as they will be customised to suit your needs:

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