RORC Channel Race 2014 – “Bad call mate”

Conrad Manning Racing_ChannelRace14
Beautiful photo of the morning sunrise with a little breath of wind filling our sails….

I wanted to start this by confirming that I am taking the mick out of the Fosters add due to the unfortunate choice of starting position that after three hours of spinning around in circles found us literally at the back of the fleet. It is there that I shall pick up my narrative of the really up and down race that we had trying to get back into the mix…


St Malo Drag race… 7th July

Conrad Manning Racing_StMalo14
Off across the Channel on RARE, lovely weather just a pity about the results and speed

For the first time in a long time we were very fortunate to not have clouds looming overhead upon waking up on Friday morning in preparation for the Dinard St Malo race, a race that turned out to be quite the drag race that we just didn’t make the most of…


De Guingand bowl… Rain and drift off part 2

Conrad Manning Racing_DeGuingand142
Goosewinging a asymmetric kite… interesting

Now I cant really remember what time this happened… Whether it was midnight and classed as Sunday morning or not but its part 2 so doesn’t matter one bit! Picking up the race by the imaginary mark we popped the kite for another leg into Poole, looking back at the log we should really have sent it down the left side but never mind, hindsight is always useful!