2019 Young Startup Talent – Round 1

January 10th, the date of round 1 of the Young Startup Talent competition. It's a entrepreneurship competition that looks to promote and support young startups. (Found out more here)

The first round was an elevator pitch. Roughly between 30 to 60 seconds, it's designed to generate interest in the person you're talking to so when you step out of the elevator they want to know more. It was also when I met the fellow entrepreneurs and learnt about their business. By pitching to the entire group (and some judges) it meant we all learnt from everyone and their feedback.

It was a really eclectic mixture of businesses from fin-tech to mental health and clothing to role models. You could see how each business stemmed from their own experiences to deliver a passionate and punchy pitch! It also turned out there were a number of other businesses I could work with to improve our reach and value.

Personally though it was just what I needed, a reminder that I needed to look at the business basics and how to go about doing that. For example, it meant I could reflect to see that by charging slightly more it would mean more awareness could be raised and perhaps lives changed. Although I'd known about that and other points, it was fantastic to have that feedback.

It felt fantastic to make it through the first round cutting over 100 business ideas down to a mere 11 or so of us (there were fewer businesses as some were partners). I however hope to make it through to the next round in a fortnight.

2016, no points for picking a young Conrad Manning from the first cohort of Young Start-up Talent - Solent

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