Blurring the lines between sponsorship proposal and business plan


Youngsters are growing up with lots more information and technology at their fingertips. It brings even the most extreme and remote sports right to their laps and living-rooms (not that they spend much time there…). They watched Felix Baumgartner’s insane leap from space and the GoPro dog bounding around the beach… and everything inbetween!

Latest research also shows that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, quite difficult for those who don’t have a disposable income to break into this world but I think you’d be surprised. IEG have shown that sponsorship around the world has grown by 4.1% and has been growing since 2011! So is this the route that people are taking?

Another report produced by IEG shows that times are changing, companies are no longer saying “we have to be here” when sponsoring events. We are seeing the 3rd stage of advertising & marketing, story telling. It gives them more than just a ‘static’ image on the side of roads or taxis, it gives them a way to really connect with their customers and create a bond. Of course they will have to work (unless the sponsorship property does some legwork :O) and they may loose a few hard to keep customers, but what they gain would be so much more. They gain people who have an emotional link with the company, people who are loyal to the brand, and most importantly fight in its corner selling the brand to their friends! nb. there will always be brands who will keep on with the blanket advertising.

For properties, it becomes harder, they need to think more savvy and business like. They need to sell their project or idea to people as if it was a business to open the front door. Then, once in, they can let their idea shine out and sell their story to those who make the decision as you’re already at their desk.

Of course, these are just the thoughts of a young guy who grew up reading Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s story and has seen how technology is now selling the most extreme of adventures to everyone… But who knows, maybe Conrad Manning Racing might be able to get through the front door and let its story shine through?

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