Even when land locked I always find water somehow! Pt 1 Sea Survival

Saturday was an early one of the week, a compulsory 0700 alarm to get down to Shamrock Quay for the ISAF Sea Survival refresher… Read on to see how part 1 of my weekend ‘off’ the water progressed…

Getting off on a great foot, the projector was having a right field day by throwing a right tantrum and overheating at the most inconvenient times. Never-the-less all 14 of us flew through the first part of the course learning about the history and theory behind sea survival. Promptly at 1130 we were filled out of the building for a very strict ‘1200 on the poolside’ curfew. This did mean hopping in cars getting to know the others on the course for the quick drive down to Satchel Lane in Hamble.

Water was found through the instruction of how to use the liferaft and methods of reducing heat loss in the sauna like pool. (Some people pay heaps for a brief time in a sauna… suggestion, go to a pool in full offshore kit with a blown up lifejacket and see how you feel after that!!) It was very comforting using my own kit as I now know that it functions as it should and (in flat calm in warm water) it isn’t so bad. It was fantastic though leaving the pool in good knowledge that this time, I will not have caught pneumonia like the last time!

A Mini sailor and myself were taken from the room after a discussion about liferafts to discuss the details behind the ISAF sea safety rules… It was RIVETING…. But obviously a necessity and was taken by a fantastic fellow OA. To polish off the 0900 start we all stood around with welders gloves, DT goggles and of course pyrotechnics that went BANG fizz and pop! Great day, and now Ian and I are fully qualified for the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race this summer!


Just to tie off a pretty fantastic day (obviously with LOADS of revision done) the house decided to have a BBQ where the only implements we had was a pair of chopsticks to tend the fire and roast marshmallow on the embers, which quickly reduced into pelting them at each other and seeing how long they could be left in the fire without melting! All in all, an awesome day, watch this space for Pt 2 of how water was found even when landlocked!

The BBQ with the house post Sea Survival
The BBQ with the house post Sea Survival

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