Gammy knee update

Hi everyone, Thought that I’d put in an update on how things were progressing on the knee since I’ve been posting a few things on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll also try to put in a few unseen pictures as I know that they add 1000 words each 😉

The x-ray and MRI of the knee… Click on the image for further details 🙂

The operation on a ~4cm tear in my meniscus after literally standing up (whilst sailing thankfully) happened on Wednesday. Although this was a good month after the incident, converting to the UK system and making sure that we made the right decision took some time. Thankfully, the advice from the doc in HK, multiple physios in HK, Singapore and Jon (who’s loving the fact I’m always injured) matched with what the consultants said here! This lead to a very quick turn around after seeing two separate consultants, one in Southampton and one in Portsmouth (why not make the most informed decision when you can!?) on the Tues/Weds. The operation was booked in for the following Wednesday morning which, like the previous operation, gave me no time to have any concerns what so ever!

Went into the hospital Wednesday after a lovely wine and cheese night the evening before with a lovely friend of Emma’s who was so welcoming of this invalid 😀 It was a rather lovely ward, even having your own room with telly and ensuite! It did mean that I could listen to my brother’s radio show (weekly on Wednesday 0800-0900 on Surge, Link here) before seeing the necessary people.

The inside of my knee
The inside of my knee, don’t ask what each bit is… The only thing I remember is that the red thing is swollen adipose.

I have to say, being wheeled down into the pre-operating room and chatting with Barney the anaesthetist was great fun but disappointed when he put me under so quickly that I didn’t get to see the room I was to spend an unknown amount of time in… Well at least they made a video of the whole experience. See the photo for a tease:


It was a rather quick recovery as the physio had me up and walking within a few hours of the drugs wearing off. Positive news though that the knee was in good shape even with all the damage around! So, was given a good bag of drugs and a large bandage (amongst a shed load of other stuff) and told to be on my way.

Currently I’m resting at home trying to get my head out of the occasional cloud making sure that I take the drugs as prescribed and doing the exercises… You can see by the final photo that there’s a good deal of atrophy so there’s some work to be done before the new year starts! Hopefully have a good plan of action with rehab in the coming weeks to prepare me for another season of sailing!

Funny looking knee when the muscle has disappeared… Those are the only two signs that anything had happened to it as well!


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