New Year’s Update

I realise that things have been quite quiet from this end, there hasn’t been any madness from ballroom, soakings from sailing or tiredness from triathlons (yes I did have a look for a synonym for madness starting with b… but to no avail) so I thought I’d just have a little update on what is happening and a look back at some of the best moments of 2014. It’ll be short and sweet as I should be getting this Group Design Project done!…

What’s happening now:

Well, as those of you who are at University will know its exam season that means Christmas, as lovely as it was, was cut short due to a requirement to revise for this year’s exams. Due to how the modules worked out, semester 1 exams only consist of 2 exams… Perfect if they weren’t the first and last ones on the calendar! Never mind, its nearly over as the last one is tomorrow!! It has meant that I can spend time working on other projects like trying to get this website up to scratch and looking sharp!

A blast from the past:

I think the main memories come from the summer, with good moments dotted around the place! Things such as: -n.b. click on the link to be taken to the blog-

  • The broken bike from Easter and learning how to surf!
  • The absolutely wild night that was the Myth of Malham and my first aquathon with TryTri.
  • The seriously light winds of June in the De Guingand, Round the Island and the impromptu madness of cycling to an aquathon!
  • I think July was mainly stuck in my mind as the horrible start where the light winds had us spinning in circles at the back of the fleet after a bad call on the start in the Channel Race. But there were of course LOADS of other things as that was the start of summer, so important things like driving lessons were done and a week spent with DC boys showing them the ropes were also thoroughly enjoyed!
  • Now Aug was the big one, working in Gerry’s loft and preparing the boat for the RBI! Now that was an absolutely wild affair and definitely sealed my joy of sailing offshore, even when things were terrifying! I recommend having a look here at all the updates from the race office and my own write up afterwards for the full effect of the race.
  • The madness of August was followed up quickly by working at Hugo Boss/Neutrogena, and Ironman that were definitely the darkest and emotional times of my life thus far. It was literally pushing oneself to the precipice then jumping off… This experience was amazingly added to as I was asked to help deliverNeutrogena to St Feliu a day or so afterwards!
  • I thought as Uni had started things would calm down slightly, but I was wrong, this was where more medals were won! Firstly the Arrow Trophy with the ASSs (old Dulwich boys*) then a couple of weeks later it was the Student Yachting World Championships, which with a day to spare, Team England – University of Southampton came out on top!!
  • Things had to calm down slightly as the lectures had really got underway so no swanning off doing mad sailing plans or otherwise… But still, thats when dancing comes into its own (which reminds me, I should probably do a write up of Bath comp!)

Anyway, I thought I’d try and keep it short so there you are… A whirlwind tour on what happened in 2014!

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