Steer into the slide – First week into work

A few crazy thing have happened this week but no harm done and feeling a little bit better than the last update!

1 Legged Squat
It is actually loads harder than you think!

Some crazy activities this week! Definitely had to keep an open mind about some of them. Hopefully we will be putting together a video of the activities that were going on. Would love a hand if anyone is good at putting them together! Imagine one of those Pilates beds but supersized within a cage and mirrors all around, that was where the 'torture' started! It started well with activating the muscles (standing on one leg whist pushing backwards) then moved on to simulating step ups with springs and a box... Terrible description but more photos/videos to come.

The fun and games continued in Fareham at Jon's new place with taking the usual exercises to the next level. Squats became 1 legged, glute bridges had a little leg raise included at the top (i think the term is Isostatic?) and it generally got a load harder!

Over the coming weeks  I hope to start training up at the rehab centre to use their awesome facilities. The aim is use my recovery as a case-study for the almost space-age equipment that they have on offer. Perhaps with their help (and some awesome stuff in the pipeline) the knee and rest of the body will perform better than it ever has!


The 'sustainable' business idea that came about though doing my knee in has had a good few iceskating sessions. Now working at a school it gives me an inside scoop on how things work. Hopefully will gain access to panels so that I can identify the best contents so each party involved will be happy! It certainly won't be an easy task though as anyone who has seen my try to juggle three balls will know!

It's also proving that getting more help is also not always the solution. When you have a number of people adding their pennies to the problem you sometimes can feel like the painting is more water than colour. Never-the-less those who have been helping form this iteration have been vital in actually clearing the mist from the sea. (Apologies, those last two lines definitely sounded more like Paddy from Take Me Out...)


So I just started working at a school as well as trying to achieve everything under the sun! Still, it's almost perfect as after finishing for the day at 1530 there is enough time to continue to learn more about business and sales/marketing. As mentioned above, it's also giving me an understanding that otherwise I would have struggled on. There are clearly far more intricate details on the running of facilities for kids than you would have thought. Also it gives fantastic examples of how to manage the behaviour of both students and adults as that will definitely be something worth keeping in the proverbial tool-belt. I should also mention it's far better paid/mentally stimulating than sitting at home twiddling your thumbs!

Physio corner

Rebuilding has begun of the knee and body. It's incredible how much you loose when not moving around much. As hinted to last post, the exercises are very similar but focusing more on pushing the muscle and joint further. Gym-goers (apologies for the generalisation) will know a typical 3x3x15 routine so that there is enough time between sessions that the Satellite cells can help add more nuclei and therefore grow the myofibrils... The repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy. Added to this, the op site still has signs of scar tissue/zones of repair (yes I made that phrase up) as well as being noticeably warmer.

In layman's terms: I'm working harder less frequently to allow the muscles to recover and grow. It also gives the joint time to reduce swelling and continue repairing.

Adult treasure hunting = building fitness

The day of rest was probably the most entertaining! It was also the day that inspired the post's title. It started well with a good lay about then turned into a rather heart racer. Due to the insane hail we went iceskating along the M27 with a handful of other cars. Through steering into the skid we pulled through with some cosmetic damage. After that it was a lovely afternoon with pub lunch and a bout of adult treasure hunting (getting shin deep in Hamble mud at times) for 2 hours with another couple. Below you can see I did actually do some work at building the HR, something that hasn't been done for some time!

Little bit of training. It was walking so not too strenuous but still something!

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