Taking a leaf out of other’s books… Sustainable sponsorship

Slightly older photo of when I was last up at HCC… Hopefully a new one will taken soon!

The past few days have been awesome! They’re really put a positive spin on the whole injury and subsequent lack of sailing. So, although there was a bit too much to put all down on ‘paper’ last night here it is:

After observing many successful partnerships and teams, whether they’re sailing or not, it’s clear that a pitch needs to make it easy for the investor to understand. No brainer really. So, that combined with my ease of getting injured at intervals in my life gave me an idea from BAR, over the water, to turn CMR into a business.

Since being back and battling boredom with making phone calls, we’ve connected with a number of business advisors and mentors to work out how on earth that could work! Turns out, when you ask people who’ve more experience than you it’s pretty easy… We’ve taken what makes CMR special, worked out what companies need that align them with our desires, then started to form an actual plan of how to merge business with sponsorship so that the 3 objectives are satisfied:

  1. I get to go sailing, with the eventual goal of the Vendée Globe never leaving the sights.
  2. We actually give the partners what they need instead of the typical “branding, brand association, event days” that everyone offers. Make it special and unique!
  3. Start giving back to the community. Clearly it’s easy to pitch an “Us, Us, Us” proposal, but to have something where more than just sailor and partner can benefit surely must earn some brownie points!?

To do this, we’re taking more of a start up’s approach to making this happen. So we’re now at a stage of research, market research, prototype research, new ways of physio research (more for the knee than the business but we’re still researching it) and it carries on. Once we actually start proving our concept and gaining a successful portfolio, then we can start looking longer term and have hard evidence of CMR’s business abilities.

At the moment it really is in a fledgeling stage so I daren’t share much more publicly, but if you’d like a much more personal update to your email then simply drop me an email/sign up on the website (here).

Off to a networking event today as hosted by the local council for the GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) so lets actually start testing the ideas.

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