30th of Dec a time to reflect? – month post op

Ok, it’s slightly longer than a month but Christmas was all about relaxing and not spending any time on phones/computers… So in the wisshy washy time between Christmas and New Year I’ve put a few moments aside to write up the new blog seeing as a good few things have happened since! (i.e. it’ll be a rather long post…)


Well, I won’t go into too much detail on the op due to the previous post back in November about the whole ordeal (here). Also not to mention the multitude of pictures that are on the post of the knee, X-ray and what my knee actually looks like. Apologies to those who wanted me to put a link for the whole operation but I decided against it purely to keep it personal and to watch your reaction when I show it to you on my phone 😛

Just over a week from the op I caught up with Jon Clarke (link here). He’s spent the past few years putting this body back together or keeping it together after dance comps or races whether on land or at sea! Seeing as he’s done such a great job he was the first choice to get me back as efficiently as possible! Entertainingly I could predict the first two exercises given (they were old exercises in fairness) but it felt good to have an idea about timescales.

Since messing up my knee I’ve been able to do some thinking about how to make it to the Vendée Globe. Clearly the 2016 is now completely out of the question so thinking further ahead and with the support of a handful of people I’m looking at doing something new that actually will benefit others and not simply find me the money to go sailing. Do click for the business take on this idea on LinkedIn -or- Here.

Seeing the improvement was great in the second week of recovery was very positive particularly after the quantity of walking done earlier that week to meet a variety of people and get the ball rolling on the other side of this recovery process! Again more on this week can be found on another post (to come).

A different kind of recovery…

After seeing Jon in wk2 of the recovery the consultant strongly recommended seeing Mery Zanutto at Perform Southampton. This was a great call though as meeting a couple of the Perform Southampton team at a Meet the Chamber event has been fortuitous in the future of recovery and hopefully training. I do intend to increase the frequency of updates on recovery though to document how things are going. Perhaps there might even be a cool video or two of the entertaining equipment Mery has.

Mery’s methods are different and remind me of the physios in Singapore with springs and focusing on the dynamic strength of the leg using initially what people have seen on Gym Fails on YouTube (Link). Definitely felt amazing though as I went in there with a painful knee (it was rather sore that day) and left feeling exhausted but with no pain!! Hopefully see her again sooner rather than later!

For those who are physio interested

I like to think that the recovery so far has consisted of a number of sections. The first, right after the operation was focusing on mobility so moving the toes up and down/bending and straightening the leg/etc. From this, it went into the support strengthening, so clamshells and leg raises, to start building muscle where needed to ensure more damage isn’t done. Now, the third phase is beginning to push the mobility and strength of the muscle that so far has wasted away to almost nothing :O

Other bits:

Lastly, to sign off this rather long one’s I’ll summarise the last couple of big events…

  1. I got a job! Will be starting on the 4th… 10points to those who can guess what it is!
  2. Another winner received their award for the Facebook competition that I genuinely learned loads from!
  3. Christmas happened!


Knee close up

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Can you see the holes?

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