The last 10%

Soooo close to being back up and running at full whack!

Things are going really well at the moment, I've settled well into the long days of being a cover teacher (the teachers around me are worked far too hard), begun retraining the mind to build fitness and learning loads about the processes of business start ups. Of course,  there is minimal about the racing side of things, something reading other sailor's blogs reminds me of. However hopefully these updates track what happens when things go wrong... or you stand up. Added to that, it keeps the video editing and post writing side of things lubricated for some awesome things in the future!


It seems like each time I go back to the physio they give me more and more challenging exercises to do! Last time it was simply progressing from squats to 1legged sit backs, now it's doing leg raises in the plank position working both core and gluteus! Still though, both Jon and Mery are happy with the progress. They've even agreed to not see me as often so am having had a month between observations! As the title suggests, I'm now firmly in the last 10% of recovery which will set me up nicely both mentally and physically for the future.


Physio Corner

Things are changing, I've practically been signed off from all those involved with the recovery! Now it's all about building the muscle so that the joint is strong and I can actually start lifting things! Of course I've put some videos together about the process, the latest of which you can see at the end. Unfortunately, as there isn't that much about the physio side of things it will be much more of a personal recount of the last few weeks of recovery.

However, now that the physical side of things are getting there, both Mery and Jon are working on the mental recovery. It's easy to sink back into bad habits (working one leg harder, laziness, etc) and also to lose the finely tuned synapses between brain and leg. All those crazy exercises (check out the videos) are building back that second nature/instinctive movement. As well as this, Jon's rigorous training program is blasting out the cobwebs. 


Dream race calendar?

I think I might just transfer this section of the post into insane projects and races that are definitely in the dream land of CMR. The most insane I've found so far is an ultra-marathon in the Arctic ( The mad things about it, in brief of course:

  • You can choose a race between 100 and 450 miles
  • Race it with mountain bike, ski or by foot
  • It's in the Arctic!

Of course, it's definitely up there just because of the sheer difficulty and beauty of the race... However, it might need to be something for the distant future or at least once this knee is fully supported!

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