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Currently I'm on the verge of getting back into sailing. I've a new job working on an IMOCA60, 2/3 physicians have cleared me for returning to sport, other then over-extension/squatting there is no pain or restriction, and it's wonderful to see the left looking similar to the right!!


Seeing as the knee is practically better, I've applied and been accepted to work on an IMOCA60! Not a small job though seeing as being 2nd mate (the guy who is doing the learning) means you're meant to know exactly where and how everything is/goes together. There are other job requirements but as it's not official you're going to be kept in the dark for a little bit longer 😛 

Hopefully it will mean that more, quality footage will be showing it's face on the Facebook page or YouTube. So that I don't overwhelm your newsfeeds whilst still reaching you at the best possible times, could you fill out the following quiz here?

Professor Barrett sign off
Signing off treatment with Professor Barrett 1/3


Mery Zanutto sign off
Signing off rehabilitation with Mery Zanutto 2/3

Seeing as I started to follow the school calendar, there was a week off from work. Saying that, teachers didn't have much of a holiday due to all the marking and planning that needed to be done. It was wonderful though to catch up with friends and begin preparing for the intense new job!

Through one of the PE teachers being ill, I reconnected with the joy of badminton and Ballroom/Latin, hopefully being based in Southampton for work will open those opportunities up. Maybe, after the tails are dusted down, this knee might let me continue with the sport and compete on a different stage.

Physio Corner

Things are getting better! 2/3 people involved in the recovery process have signed me off. Something you would have seen on Facebook/Twitter... To help with not bombarding you with posts, could you fill in the quiz?

The surgeon (Professor Barrett) is happy with the joint and surrounding muscle growth. Impressive for just over 2months work! The rehab specialist (Mery Zanutto) and I had the last session the other week with some fun new movements which you'll see when the GoPro works again. The last member (Jonathan Clark) still hasn't seen the progress and am looking forward to the next stage of the exercises!

Recovery wise things are going well. It feels great to compare left to right and know that the right now needs to start doing some exercises to maintain equilibrium. However, there are two areas that have been flagged:

  1. Patella Tendinitis. This isn't too much of a concern as it's simply down to the fact that the tendon doesn't develop as quickly as the muscle. It simply means that I still need to be careful and that the bump on my knee (Osgood-Schlatters) might grow again...
  2. Anterograde amnesia (I think that's the one... pun not intended). This one is more interesting and is easier to explain with an example. A skier tears their ACL on a slope, after months of recovery they stand on that same slope. Either they a) freeze and have to call the doc or b) go gungho down the slope and damage more. Hopefully this isn't going to happen due to a gradual re-acclimatisation and a 'sensible' attitude.

*I will edit the above if one of the team correct me on the names.

Dream race calendar?

I think I might just transfer this section of the post into insane projects and races that are definitely in the dream land of CMR. Of course if one doesn't pop up then it'll be news about the Vendee Globe:

2 bits, the first is that 6 French athletes have got the upper hand through gaining access to Jean-Yves Bernot's roadbook. It's a book that contains tricks and information about everything from weather to geological patterns gathered over some 20years. Gold dust to those competing in both typical and abnormal conditions. 

The second is that 27 sailors have registered but a handful of those still seeking sponsorship. It just goes to show the difficulty in finding sponsors even when you've got a boat and entered in the iconic race! Still, it's just the tip of the iceberg of sailors struggling to find investment particularly in the UK due to current market and FCA regulations!

Read more here 

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