2 months in

Things have been progressing beautifully since the last update so here's a good round up of what has been happening with some photos taken from the other social media channels.


IMOCA60 - Sailing - Solent - Conrad Manning Racing
Out sailing on the Solent with Dee

We've been sailing! A couple of weeks ago we went out with Dee Caffari as a bit of a shakedown session to blow out the cobwebs gathered over the winter. We also got a chance to observe one of UK's top sailor's method of handling an IMOCA60 solo! It is fascinating how each move is planned out and everything is made as easy as possible. Things like hoisting sails out the hatch... Why work hard in getting the sail out the hatch only to hoist them out of the bag, just hoist straight out the hatch so you're not lifting it twice!

IMOCA60 - Sailing - Sunset - Offshore race - CMRAnother event that has happened since the last update has been the Cervantes race, the first race in the RORC season in the UK. It was a very complex affair with everything from 0 to 35kts of breeze, all angles of wind, rain and bright sunshine to name but some of the complex weather that hit the boat on the way to Le Harve. Here's a little shot from the race as the sun was going down and the ex-oystercatcher was still within sight. Although we (Mikey, Dave, James, Jesse and I) performed each manoeuvre spotlessly, the flukey weather meant that our line honours knocked us down the results slightly to 13th. Still, we're all very happy with the result. Next race will be in a fortnight.


It's been rather slow lately with the business and sponsorship side of things simply due to overthinking things. I attended two awesome networking events held by the Chamber of Commerce and the Solent LEP to build up my personal network and get other people's opinions on both the road to Vendée and what is now being called ZAPA. 

Networking - Chamber of Commerce - Southampton - Sailing - CMR
Chamber of Commerce networking event

I'm trying to build a rough plan of action for searching for sponsors, a recipe if you may, that can be applied to any project. It's proving to be slightly difficult as the experts definitely don't want to share their secrets and those starting out have holes and unanswered questions in theirs.

ZAPA wise I'm going to start approaching industry to actually start testing the idea as I've been overthinking the whole process and just need to start 'prototyping' the idea so that all involved in the program will benefit. Currently we're looking at gathering a number of secondary engineering companies together around a table/conference/event so that they can all share ideas and make the whole process significantly more efficient (see sailing for why).

Physio Corner – Road to IM

Things have been progressing really well in the training side of things after being granted access to Spire Perform's gym in Southampton. The knee hasn't been giving me issues and the rest of the body hasn't been complaining even with the increased loads. It would be particularly interesting to look at the affects of sailing on the recovery process of knees due to the constant movement (think wobble boards). In parallel with ZAPA, I'm also thinking of getting a university sports science department involved in the next few stages. Looking at making the most of nutrition, psychology and training to be most efficient.

I thought you might also want to see how things are progressing gym wise with the routine. I'm really pleased with the progress, managing to have a significant improvement over the past 6 weeks.

  1. Squats 5x15: Gone from bodyweight to probably 40kg
  2. Deadlift 5x15: Gone from 55kg to 65kg
  3. 1 legged sitbacks 5x15: building from 4kg to 8kg
  4. Romanian deadlift 5x15: building 10kg to 12kg

Dream race calendar?

Not sure why the freezing weather has caught my attention lately with the last couple of races being held near or above the arctic circle. The latest one on my radar is the IGO N60 which combines skiing, biking and running surrounded by snow. There are some fantastic photos so perhaps something else to add to the dream race calendar!Adventure - Race - CMR

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