3 months haven’t passed that quickly?!

My apologies for letting this slide, I’ve not been in a good habit of writing updates as I’ve been trialling other methods such as video. You might have seen the latest one about #PitchPerfect on Youtube

Seeing as the last update was absolutely yonks ago, here’s what’s been happening in brief:

CMR #Vendee2020vision Face implanting- Pre summer was Offshore racing time! It felt like most of the RORC offshore races were held here. Great fun going out with a whole variety of people. Was also the time when I tore my face/shoulder/calf to shreds by inspecting a roundabout with the help of a van 

- Summer was really exciting… Cowes Week followed immediately by the Ile d Ouessant race. Cowes Week was again an absolute hoot but with a slightly mellow feel due to Artemis having to pull out due to the FDA poking their nose into things they shouldn’t have! Never mind… The 450 odd nm race on the Sunday was great fun! Nothing much happened at the start due to there being no wind but things started to get better from then on when it was full blast reaching all the way around it felt. Some times we were even getting super close to rocks like the Figaros did with the 60! #vendee2020vision rock hopping

- Post summer it was all about #vendee2020vision solo training… We’ve had loads of people taking the boat out as part of the project’s desire to get another Brit to the 2020 Vendee start line. It’s absolutely amazing what they are enabling us to do. Check out my solo session here:

ZAPA corner….

It's been really frustrating juggling a full time job and trying to start a business whilst also searching for sponsorship... You just feel that there are nowhere near enough hours in the day! Added to that, the commute (1hr each way) every day means that although I'm really fit, I'm pooped! Still, getting ready to burst into action after getting some fantastic advice from Richard at Oxford Innovation Centre!

Things are swaying towards spending a couple of months purely on getting ZAPA started. The next step though would be to put together a timeline/calendar of what I want to achieve. It would mean that there would be deadlines to work towards and I don't get distracted! After that it's getting to businesses to get their hand in moulding the direction of the project.

For those who'd like a reminder, ZAPA is educating and entertaining the next generation of marine engineers about the opportunities available. A holiday camp where they learn about 5 areas of the industry whilst getting their hands dirty and ends with a challenge where they have to put what they learnt to good use!

Sponsorship column

So I think I might copy Arthur Conan Doyle’s method of writing a little column about the life of Sherlock Holmes, however my Sherlock will be how I’m finding sponsorship… The first step I’ve been looking at is looking at who I already know and messaging all of them to ask for their advice. Asking for advice is cheap and doesn’t cost them anything whilst making them feel good!

In other news though is awesomeness!! I've been supported by someone to enable me to spend another month working towards either ZAPA or a sponsor! Will be putting a promo/celebration video together over the week (hopefully) to announce the partnership! 

Rehab/Physio corner

An example training plan for Chuck Norris (Not actually!)

An example training plan for Chuck Norris (Not actually!)

Hmmm, just in flux at the moment as it's not quite end of season but it's also not quite off season. Am currently working with one of the Personal Trainers at Spire to put together a training program. It's fascinating how it all works and means that I'm learning loads! You start with your calendar of what's happening, then break down the periods into pre, strength, endurance, maintenance and off. Once that is done you can break those bits down into session by session and directs what you're doing and you can track progress!

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