RSYC/RORC Double Handed Nationals!

Conrad Manning Racing - DHNationalsBeing on top form, I had booked off the Thursday and Friday ready for racing in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club/RORC Double Handed Nationals regatta. Now the racing actually was on Friday and Saturday… It did however mean that I could help Will and Hammy out with prepping 23 for racing whilst the sailors were away! Managed to get it all done along with cycling from Ryde to Cowes in one day, did mean an early night was needed.

Racing was dubious the next day as looking at the forecast didn’t fill us with hope. Thundery showers and the wind dying off. Not great. Unsurprisingly, the weather forecasters were vaguely right so we got rather soaked and becalmed…. They did try to set us off before the rain though which gave us confidence in our abilities. 1 Leg before the finish, in second place and creeping onto 3rd, they abandoned racing as it was apparently unfair on the other boats… Who knows.

This was when we sat around playing (see the video), then getting wet waiting for the wind to fill in. Eventually, and surprisingly it did any gave the ROs the opportunity to get the boats off! Race 1 went identically to the first Race 1, except this time we finished, sneaking above another boat just at the line! Unfortunately though Race 2 didn’t go so well due to being very forceful during the start and putting us on the back foot from the get-go. The standard Solent orienteering did mean that there were no opportunities to overtake (even though we went right over the top of Bramble bank, some squeeky bum times…) putting us in 3rd.

Dinner and rugby was on top form with a good many drinks had afterwards at the PV with the OC Extreme team. It did end up being a reasonably late night returning post live band at the Anchor.

Day 2 and Race 3… Well that gave us chance to darken our skins and get to know the other Artemis Rookies a bit better. True to forecast, there was 2-4kts everywhere in the Solent and even with trying to set a race off, we didn’t get very far (one boat even found themselves the wrong side of the ODM, not naming any names, Hammy, Mike…)

Conrad Manning Racing - DHNationals

All in all, it was a great way to spend more time mucking around on boats even if the wind wasn’t quite playing ball…

Thanks RSYC, RORC, Artemis Offshore Academy and Will for a great championship!

Overall: 6th?
Figaro Class: 1st

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