De Guingand bowl… Rain and drift off part 2

Conrad Manning Racing_DeGuingand142
Goosewinging a asymmetric kite… interesting

Now I cant really remember what time this happened… Whether it was midnight and classed as Sunday morning or not but its part 2 so doesn’t matter one bit! Picking up the race by the imaginary mark we popped the kite for another leg into Poole, looking back at the log we should really have sent it down the left side but never mind, hindsight is always useful!

Now, keeping the trend of this race, we had to have another shutdown just off the 3rd mark (3rd mark and 3rd shutdown! Thankfully this trend doesn’t carry on) Which let our rivals get around just in time and get swept east towards the next mark leaving us with flogging sails getting thoroughly grumpy at the weather.

Once we rounded that mark when the wind picked up we popped up the Code 0 hoping the wind would stay in that direction so that we could absolutely fly towards the shingles and mark 4, but typical, the wind started to head and build which meant we had to take it down. Now, that was again, easier said than done due to furling being a right pain in the backside leaving loads of sail unfurled and flogging in the wind but it had to come down if we were to reach the mark. By this point, Ian had been awake for a few hours so headed down below for a much needed nap leaving me to call the lay line (slightly too far) and tacking hurling things across the boat, yes including those having a nap, due to the increased winds and heel. Once everything settled down we pointed our bow towards the imaginary mark 2 and chugged upwind trying everything to reduce the ~2mile lead the boats ahead had. Alas it wasn’t to be though as according to my log that there was another hole off the Poole mark letting them march onwards towards North Buoy and the finish.

Unfortunately, due to all the shutdowns that we had, it meant we had to navigate through the narrowest part of the Solent off Hurst castle where the current was STRONG! Thankfully though we got lucky and found a favourable little back current that took us around the corner almost touching distance away from the shore. It was great fun being that close in with only a few meters below our keel at points but nerve wracking when so close in!

We managed to get a few odd looks from the other boats in the Solent as we headed towards the finishing line with a bright pink kite GOOSEWINGED… Not sure whether that is advised for asymmetric boats and it definitely looked wrong but strangely elegant.

Thankfully nothing much happened from the finish to taking the boat home against the tide (other than dodging inflated egos in their powerboats burning £50 notes for fuel! Bit of a longer wait now till the next race the Dinard St Malo race which traditionally has been an absolutely floatathon as well… Gallery up on facebook link to follow.

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