Behind the scenes – Preparing for the Solo Fastnet

Sailing... It's all sunshine, blue water and perfect wind isn't it? The occasional dolphin leaping in the air around you and G&T in hand as the water laps gently against the hull as it glides smoothly across the water to your next watering hole...

In reality, preparing for a 600+ nautical mile (1.15miles in a mile) is anything but! I am absolutely shattered last night was rolling through the weather checks as well as ensuring that all the boxes on the Offshore Special Regulations are ticked!

Rest assured though it was another really hectic day:

- Started packing going through my usual Fastnet packing list making sure I've got enough warm clothes as I got quite chilly in the last race.

- Started the weather planning, downloading weather files (information about where the wind is coming from at what time and how strong) and bringing them into a program that calculates the optimum route I should take.

- Final checks against the regulations that I've got all the required paperwork and documents that are required for a race like this!

- Last of the food ordered from Expedition Foods so I'm super stoked to have them aboard.

- Absolutely bricking it with nerves as there are/have been so many things to think about and organise, what seems like last minute, for Saturday which seems to be racing up at a rate of knots!

First40 sailing in the solent breezy
Corporate sailing in windy but stunning conditions

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