My 3P-Lessons from an offshore

Conrad Manning Racing Solo Yacht Race Chart of Anvil Point
Chart from SORC Weymouth and Back Race

Everyone knows the 5P's when it comes to competitive sport so here are the 3 P word lessons that I think had the biggest affect on the Weymouth & back race.
I think much of this can be transferred to starting a business and searching for sponsorship so very valuable learning experience! What are your 3 P's, or other letters?

1. Prior preparation prevents p*** poor performance

I completely broke all of my rules and training in the days and hours before and during the recent offshore race. I had started the race only knowing the start time and rough course even arriving to the line about 10minutes from the gun! Usually I would have mapped out the route, knowledge of tides and winds therefore sail changes and opportunities for food/sleep. Therefore I've created a little recipe that I can check so there is no worry about forgetting something!
What do you do to prepare before a big event?

2. Persistence

This little P word I think was the thing that won me a prize (certainly not position). At 00:00 on Friday night (and again at 12:00 on Saturday) there was litterally no wind. Seeing the other sailors going around in circles along side me was small comfort till they (as I got told later) put their engines on and motored to the finish. It meant that I did FAR better than I thought as I suppose the adage of, to win first you have to finish... 
Persistence or skill, what is more important to you?

3. Privilege

Lastly, and I think we usualy forget this one as we have a tendency to look at what we don't have, is remembering how bloody lucky I am for being there! Having a super supportive boat owner, family, friends and opportunities is certainly something not everyone has and shouldn't take for granted!
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Conrad Selfie Offshore SORC
A selfie of Conrad aboard Pocket Battleship in the SORC Weymouth and Back Race

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