Offshore Kit Wishlist

Dream or Two Conrad Manning Racing
A great picture of when I was on the water another time!

From the recent race offshore I've found that the whole experience of offshore sailing has been improved! Of course, these are nice to have and definitely not where you should start (safe, sea-worthy boat comes to mind first). What are your top things you'd have on your offshore racing wish list?

1. Thermos flask

Conrad Manning Racing Food
The thermos flask that kept me warm and fed in the Weymouth and Back race

Not sure where this idea came from, maybe from racing in Asia where you put the food in a massive eski. Either way, it's absolutely genious when you're solo as it means you can prepare the food beforehand and still have a hot meal once things settle down! This was an absolute lifesaver during the early hours of the morning when I had all the clothes on and still cold!

2. Chorizo

This simple Spanish food was an awesome addition to the food bag as it definitely filled a gap when in need of a nibble and certainly was a good addition to dinner! Also, the beauty was it didn't matter (too much) that it wasn't in the fridge... perfect for the boat!

3. Moisturizer

Honestly, I'm terrible at putting on sunblock so when the sun goes down and I start glowing it's perfect to ensure that it's not too bad. Also, when you're covered in salt day in day out having something to put the moisture back in from osmosis. 

Conrad Manning Racing moisturiser image
God send to keeping the face and hands intact whilst sailing!

4. Buff

Easily the most versatile item of clothing behind the puffer jacket. It works as a sun blocker, neck warmer and balaclava, sun-glasses holder and anti-lifejacket chafing! 

5. Chewing gum

This is kind of only on the list because I daftly took my toothpaste out of the wash-bag and so needed something to keep the nashers clean. I did however find that they worked quite well at keeping my eyes open particularly when the wind died out! I'm sure there is a scientific reason behind this and I'll see if I can dig it out!
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