RORC – RYS BiCentenary Invitational Regatta

Conrad Manning Racing_BiCentenaryNow, these accounts will be kept as brief as possible… A week-long event does stir up a few stories!

Sat – We were meant to be training until with a couple of days to go, the team were informed that we’re allowed only 1 day… Great! Meant brownie points and a day out at Ascot!

Sunday – The one real day of training ended up being blown off as winds were reaching 25+kts! It did mean that we could settle into the crew house (thank you to the Grenviles for your hospitality!) and continue work on the VG project. The day wasn’t a complete as it was welcome drinks at the Squadron pavilion and chance to meet up with familiar faces in the evening!

Mon – Much like Sunday, we all knew it was going to be postponed, so at 0845 briefing the decision was to look again at 1200 where it was abandoned for the day. It did mean that we could chill with friends and wander down to the North event where Ken Reed really captured the personal and normal side of sailing by chatting with Sir Ben, Jimmy Spithill and Sam Davies. The day concluded with ‘dinner’ at the RORC with a taste of the IoW… Literally a taste! Then Drinks at the PV

Tues – Bit of a trend here… The forecast was meant to be BIG but they went out for a bit of a spin getting a couple of flights off before the wind came in. Meant we had time to chill with the crew before wandering up to the Squadron for the team racing dinner. Lovely affair with the RORC/RYS rivalry being shown by placing us by the exit!

Weds – FINALLY SAILING! Was great to actually get out there and on the water. We surprised ourselves by winning a couple of races and putting a serious battle in for the remainder. Unfortunately for the ROs they had to knock it on the head at 1630 due to Jenny Lee having to depart. It meant that we could prepare a lovely meal for the team followed by drinks at the YCCS’ team house with beer pong and getting to know the other sailors… Who might I add were predominantly team racers or Olympic sailors!

Thurs – Sailing was not so fortuitous with so many close races. It didn’t show how much of a challenge we posted to some of the word’s top team racers! Whether it was an OCS (everyone was over but just didn’t act as promptly as needed), speed of tacking, or luffing someone too aggressively… It all added up as all you need is one mistake and its gone.

The day did get much better though… RYS PARTY!! The event’s big shindig at Osbourne House. Air Squadron air display, champagne… then a circus!

Fri – Well, today was a contrast to the start of the week… With very little wind forecast the ROs were playing with fire. Managed to get a few races then the sea breeze began and cancelled out the remainder of RR3. It did mean they struggled to get finals off… However, it did give us the chance to sit on the rib and learn loads from the top 4 teams.

To round the week off BOYD interviewed me to find more about team racing (hopefully will have a link soon). Then prize giving and a North party with a few drinks before crashing ready for proper racing on Saturday!

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