Solo Fastnet Training – 1

Thanks to the amazing generosity of a boat owner this year is going to be super exiting! Pending scrutinising, I've entered the SOLO Fastnet as part of SORC's offshore series! As you would have seen in an earlier post (HERE) the mindmap and meeting that I had with someone very knowledgable about sponsorship has reminded me that I should do a better job of sharing the journey. As such below is a quick video about the first training session putting her through her paces!

"With the support of an amazing owner and a great group of solo sailors I am on the journey towards racing a Django 27 single handed following the route of the famous Fastnet Race. This is the first real outing putting her through the paces in manoeuvres and getting acquainted to the smaller spaces aboard!

There's still plenty to do though to prepare myself and the boat for the season... Using the race as a platform, I hope to increase the awareness amonst young students about the world of marine engineering to help inspire the next generation."

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