St Malo Drag race… 7th July

Conrad Manning Racing_StMalo14
Off across the Channel on RARE, lovely weather just a pity about the results and speed

For the first time in a long time we were very fortunate to not have clouds looming overhead upon waking up on Friday morning in preparation for the Dinard St Malo race, a race that turned out to be quite the drag race that we just didn’t make the most of…

The lovely morning stayed with us for the entire day which made our good decision to stick with the J2 instead of the Zero all the better. Although we could probably have coaxed a knot or two more from the boat, the wind was just too far forwards and strong and neither of us wanted to damage the sail that close to the big event, besides we were too distracted by the other amazing boats (MOD50, IMOCA 60s etc) racing past to be fully aware 😛

As before, the GRIBS didn’t really have any idea what on earth was going on it was predicted to be 5-10 knots of breeze but in actual fact we had more like 15-17! Ah well… The swings were pretty accurate and meant that we could almost have made the most of it if we didn’t keep hitting the breaks without knowing!

Saying that, we did manage to keep up with some pretty fast racing boats like Class 40s and the custom designed Belgium boat that had been so kind to us in the past so that did just about keep us from loosing it completely when Redshift and Artemis 43 were either at the same speed or faster even when nothing (wind, sail setting, ballast, waves) changed!

Frustratingly it was a white sails reach all the way to the Casquets and only a short Zero up to get around then back to white sails till Les Hanois where the wind shifted perfectly to let us hoist some of the pink ones up!


I suppose this entire race could be summarised as an absolute drag race with fantastic weather and a full moon lighting the path… Ah well.

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