Another leaf, this time less reputable than BAR

Faith healer/conman Peter Popoff who although shady can be learned from!
Faith healer/conman Peter Popoff who although shady can be learned from!

I’m sure that we’ve at least heard of the lies and fibs that faith healers are telling us for a price. Essentially they (being general here) are con-men… However, it’s something that is rather interesting to look at as they can sell sand to the Arabs (I know that’s an actual business) to persuading people out of their money for tricks and lies.

Of course this is all general and what can we learn? Well, the leaf I’m taking is from Peter Popoff, a famous con-man who has gone from bankruptcy to $24mil/year by selling God’s debt cancelling powers… Yeah I know! Check out Business Insider’s report if you don’t believe me though!

Clearly he has managed to sell something as simple as water to thousands if not millions of people. So, although completely illegal, there must be something that you can take away?

  1. Probably illegal: package the product/project/dream in fancy wrapping to make it seem like it’s FAR more than just something simple. Probably not a good idea if you want to stay in business, or go sailing, longer than you can be evaded.
  2. Probably something obvious: sell to those who are interested! He uses the calls to generate a mailing list who get a free vial of water, then the people interested contact him back. That essentially tells him that they’re caught “hook, line and sinker” and can take as much money for his products as possible.

So enough of the waffling, we’re taking a small leaf out of his very dodgy book to actually connect with customers and make both sides’ jobs much easier by knowing that they want what we have!

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