Start with the Why!

This week I wanted to share an insight into the workings of my mind when it comes to ZAPA and CMR to achieve both a childhood goal and desire to help others. It's a balance between why people would get involved and what their role would be... It's also a work in progress so input is always welcome!

It has taken the form of a mindmap as I've always been a fan of them and have used it for mapping out the complex world of Schwarz Christoffel (turning flow into a straight line) to what the outreach programme looks like!

I have also always struggled with clarity when asked "what do you want"... which this has helped atleast organise the brain noise!

Here's to inspiring the next generation with the wonderful world of sailing!

Conrad Manning Racing Inspiring mindmap
CMR Mindmap MK1

If you want to find out more regarding what CMR and ZAPA is about here's a post that might be relevant when Focus Biz and I recorded two videos at Southampton Sailing Week in 2017. Click here.

If you want to find out what it's like training for the Vendée Globe then check out this post HERE.

ZAPA corner….

There have been a few successes since I last wrote on this blog in the world of ZAPA mainly around making a difference to schools and sailing groups so I have summaries it below:

  • Launched the first school programme for a referral unit in Southampton which is going well.
  • Worked with 5 fantastic students from the University of Southampton studying more about the business aspects of ZAPA.
  • Met some incredible people who share my drive to get more kids into engineering.

Arthur Conan Doyle column

Here's my Arthur Conan Doyle little column about how I’m finding sponsorship…


Due to starting work as a naval architect designing racing yachts and multihulls I've not had much time to dedicate to finding sponsors for either ZAPA or CMR. However I did get the opportunity to spend 24hrs with a very successful sponsor hunter (there has to be a better term for that) and learned a few things:

  • Forget about the sailing, focus on how it can work as a business.
  • You have to bring to the table some fantastic ideas about how they can build value and recoup their investment.
  • It is not all about the winning, it's about creating the story so the sailor becomes an icon which investors will want to become part of.

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