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November the 7th. Little known for the fact Robert Goddard demonstrated solid propellant rockets, and in 1966 lunar orbiter was launched by US. It was also the date of the EBP’s Get Inspired Southampton event.

The EBP are absolutely brilliant at arranging educational events for local schools so that businesses can engage and inspire the next generation. This event was no different, getting a whole range of local businesses to come and talk about what they do to nearly 1400 secondary school children! There was such variety in the schools who did attend and even greater variety in the students. I think there was something for everyone, at least that's what the kids said.

With me at GIS18 was a new business launched earlier that year, eSail. Together, Chris and I introduced the world of sailing and marine engineering to these students. On one side, I had them constructing simple paper boats to carry stones to explore basic boat design and the other, discussing how Chris coded a new educational computer game about sailing. You can get the game (educational tool really) already on STEAM and watch both spaces for upgrades coming over the next year.

With so many students and teachers passing through the show it did mean it was more of a group activity and an introduction to what is available in the industry. That said, it was great to see how some students were really captured by the activity and didn't want to leave (sorry teachers, it's a good problem to have)! I'm certain I met some of our future engineers!

A few things I learnt:

  1. Sweets are a great method to reward the kids, but worth considering something a little healthier!
  2. Have a resource that can show them where they could go to get into engineering and how to get onto the water.
  3. A takeaway activity/resource that they can do at home with their parents.

Although I could sit on the train today and keep typing more about what happened, here are a few photos of the event!

More information about EBP South

The EBP's mission is to inspire and prepare young people for the world of work. They achieve this by connecting education and business and do it because they believe in broadening horizons for young people to reach their future potential. If you'd like to find out more then here is A link to the website

Conrad Manning Racing

Conrad Manning Racing is born from Conrad’s goal of racing around the world in one of the most technologically advanced sailing boats in the world, the IMOCA60. Due to the wide variety of engineering disciplines that sailing has and Conrad’s own background in Naval Architecture a second side of the project has been set up to match his goal for the sailing to give back to the community, which is how ZAPA has come about.

ZAPA is a new business set up to generate more interest in engineering amongst young people. Growing from small activities and working with local businesses, schools and innovation spaces the goal is to create an engaging pathway that those students can follow to become the next generation of engineers.

A link to why I'm doing what I'm doing

A little bit more about what I'm doing

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