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Portsmouth Guildhall
Portsmouth Guildhall in all it's magnificence pre Get Inspired Portsmouth

January the 23rd. In 1368 it was the start of the Ming Dynasty one that would last for centuries. Then in 1849 Elizabeth Blackwell was the first US woman to earn medical degree. Finally on another STEM note, in 1941 NASA's Lewis Research Centre broke ground. It was also the day over 1000 students from the Portsmouth area descended on the Guildhall for EBP South's 2019 Get Inspired Portsmouth.

The event

The Get Inspired events are fantastic for increasing students awareness of what opportunities are out there for them. There were a number of different colleges, companies and organisations with equally as vibrant activities and offers. It genuinely was inspiring to see how many there were!

It was particularly encouraging to see a number of STEM related businesses and challenges from defence to electronics to civil/structural. I particularly enjoyed it as there was a greater range of ages. This both challenged me to deliver engaging material with what I had and meant I could judge the reactions of different age groups to the subject.


Learning points

Again, I drew from the very simple activity of making boats with the challenge to see how many stones could be carried. Although simple on the surface it meant the following could be conveyed or introduced:

  1. Hand eye communication
  2. The equation Fb = rho x g x V = rho x g x h x A in a practical and visual way (buoyancy)
  3. The equation KM = KB + BM also in a practical setting and also using their handbags (stability)

As it was a school day it meant I also had a few things to learn:

  1. I need a method to measure the change in interest in engineering to quantify my impact.
  2. I need at least another person on the stand to help manage the times when there are greater numbers of kids.
  3. Something like my pathways idea is definitely what is being looked for and predominantly through Google.

It seems to be a habit of sitting on the train typing these out but to add another few 1000 words here are a few photos of the event!

Also, if you'd like to learn more about what went on then click here: EBP South Brings Businesses Together to Inspire the City’s Future Workforce . If you'd like to learn about other events that I've done that are similar then click on the following: Inspiring Engineers at Big Bang Solent and Get Inspired Southampton 2018!

Students in STEM challenge
Students and their teacher learning about buoyancy and stability

Conrad Manning Racing

Conrad Manning Racing is born from Conrad’s goal of sailing around the world. The challenge is to complete it in one of the most technologically advanced sailing boats in the world, the IMOCA60. Due to the wide range of engineering disciplines required in sailing, a project was set up to use the sport to inspire future generations. The project draws from Conrad's experience on the water as well as working for a leading yacht design house to deliver fun and relevant workshops and talks. It aims to work together with families, industry and organisations to support the students. Ultimately  the goal is to create an engaging pathway that those students can follow to become the next generation of engineers.

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