Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race Summary…

Conrad Manning Racing_RBIFinish
Finish of the RBI, dont think it has settled in just yet, we were just glad the short tacking up the Solent was over… Credit: Patrick Eden/RORC


  • IRC Overall: 9th
  • IRC 2: 3rd
  • IRC 2handed: 2nd!

I’m going to be honest… I was thinking of writing a whole load for the summary of what turned out to be one of the most amazing, difficult, and incredible race I have ever done, but I think the pictures and video (to come) will do more justice than my words. Besides apparently a photo is worth a 1000 words! Still, here is our take of the 1803nm race around the whole of the UK battling gales and complete calm. (more…)

The driftathon that was J.P.Morgan’s Round the Island Race 2014 Part 2- Getting around

Conrad Manning Racing_RTI142
Lancelot, home for the weekend

So… It was 0500, for most normal people the alarm blaring in your right ear would be swiftly dealt with and eyes rapidly returned to the snooze position. It wasn’t to be though today, the alarm going off just meant it was time to start preparing the boat for this year’s J.P.Morgan’s Round the Island Race. Following yesterday’s write up


De Guingand bowl… Rain and drift off part 2

Conrad Manning Racing_DeGuingand142
Goosewinging a asymmetric kite… interesting

Now I cant really remember what time this happened… Whether it was midnight and classed as Sunday morning or not but its part 2 so doesn’t matter one bit! Picking up the race by the imaginary mark we popped the kite for another leg into Poole, looking back at the log we should really have sent it down the left side but never mind, hindsight is always useful!