BPS – Big Picture Syndrome


Symptoms: Uninhibited dreaming of being successful because you “just need this to happen” or “if this happens, this will work”.

Cure: Channeling those abstract thoughts into a clear process of building up reputation, experience and a proven track record.

So here I am making up another word… Heck I’m not even a doctor! It does make sense though particularly after talking with mentors and listening at speaker events (I know, shocking!).

People are often placed in clear sections, always thinking black and white and never a grey spectrum. This has been done with startups as well, the founder/s are either starters or finishers. It would make sense if the startup had three guys, one who loves starting things (to come up with the ideas), someone to finish those ideas and someone who’s job it was to make the idea man actually put down on paper how to achieve these ideas.

This is where Big Picture Syndrome comes in, the sufferers are those who spend their lives in almost a daydream world where they picture where they want to be. It’s not really daydreaming though as they have crafted many scenarios and ‘if’s that they think would get them to their big picture. Their only downfall is that these are all abstract, of course people have to buy into abstract to actually start something new (see any startup) but the bigger the picture the harder it is to find these early adopters.

I suffer from big picture syndrome, I’ve spent the past 6 years of my life dreaming up ways I can sail around the world and until yesterday just had these abstract ideas floating around in my head. Someone finally clapped me round the head (see reason in NCIS, yes the tv show) and made it clear that you needed to prove to people you can make it happen. For us that means thinking at a scale where early adopters (e.g. those that fund crowdsourced projects) would be willing to risk it. This will build up reputation and give the next stage (early majority) the confidence in you.

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